A Spectrum of Solutions.™

We provide total service from concept to design to market launch and beyond. Through formulation expertise, innovative thinking and extensive plastic processing experience, we're not just a supplier but a true partner with our customers.

Our Solutions

Special Effects

Achieve unique color effects for applications.

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Antimicrobial Technology

Protect against microbial growth.

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UV Protection Improvement

Protecting plastic from UV radiation.

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Paint Replacement Technology

Metallic replacement with molded-in color.

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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable solutions with chemical forming agents, NIR sortable black technology, and PCR solutions.

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  • Cost Calculators
    Determining whether to switch from pre-colored resin or which color masterbatch is more cost effective can be challenging. The calculators below can help determine the cost savings associated with a conversion from pre-colored resin to masterbatch plus natural resin or to aid in the comparison of two different color masterbatches.
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  • Documentation
    Search through our different types of documentation, including our safety data sheets as well as our ISO certifications.
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Design Space: Colors, Materials & Finishes

Learn about the latest color trends in our design space, made with designers in mind.

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