Use Case

The Challenge

Reformulate six existing color masterbatch products to improve usage rate, lower cost by at least 30% and maintain pearlescent appearance. Due to regulatory restrictions, the overall chemical composition of the concentrates could not deviate from the existing formulas.

The Result

The devices that were produced using the optimized formulas met the color design criteria. The usage rate was decreased from 5% to 1%, resulting in a color cost savings of over 37%.

The Customer

Producer of Injection Molded Packaging

The APPLICation

Injection Molded Medical Device (Class VI)


A Product Development Engineer worked closely with the raw material suppliers to understand the limits imposed by the chemical composition restriction as well as the pearlescent appearance criteria. Production personnel performed process optimization studies to determine the maximum loading of the pearlescent formula component. The six optimized formulas were presented to the customer for trial production runs.


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