UCClean® Purge Solutions

Purging compounds designed by color change experts.

Want to save some money right now?  Uniform Color completes over 200 color changes a day using a wide variety of polymers. That means we understand how time-consuming and expensive it can be every time you need to switch a color.  

Created with efficiency in mind, our proprietary purge solution benefits all plastic processors regardless of the colorant technology used.  


By using a purge compound on a regular basis, you can extend the life cycle of machines and improve the quality of molded parts, resulting in fewer rejects. UCClean® efficiently scrubs particulates from the extrusion or molding process using cleaners activated by heat.

UCClean® products are available for injection molding machines, hot runner systems, and extrusion equipment.

  • UCClean® GG: Our go-to product with the strongest cleaning purging compound for injection molding and extrusion. Provides enhanced chemical and mechanical scrubbing performance for purging the most difficult color changes or black spec concerns.
  • UCClean® G1: Our most versitle product for applications and processes. Contains both chemical and mechanical scrubbing to aggressively clean and remove contamination for faster changeovers.
  • UCClean® G0LS: Chemical purge with consistent cleaning performance when mechanical purge is a concern. Recommended for extrusion blow molding applications and processes where screen packs are utilized.
  • UCClean® F1S: Our FDA compliant chemical and mechanical purge. 
  • UCClean® CL: Our purging soulution for clear products and opportunties.

Compatible with a variety of resins and wide temperature range, UCClean® is a versatile choice for your purge needs.

A Sustainable Choice

Using UCClean® isn’t just an effective choice, it’s a sustainable one. Our carefully designed purge product reduces waste and energy usage. And since it’s polyolefin-based, UCClean® is recyclable. The scrap it produces during the purging process can be included with regrind, further reducing waste.

Energy Savings
  • Quicker change over times
  • Cleaner shutdown and startup without degradation
Material Savings
  • Save prime resin for making sellable parts, not purge patties
  • UCClean®'s highly effective nature allows you to use less material to clean your machine
  • UCClean®can be reground and put back into your material stream, minimizing waste
Time Savings
  • Faster change over leads to high machine utilization which funnels machine time, labor, and utility costs to producing your end application

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