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Our Impact for National Recycling Day 2023

What would a waste-free world look like? 

Nobody can be certain, but at The Audia® Group of Companies, we’re confident we know what a plastic-conscious world would look like. It's the sustainable future that we are actively pursuing because although single-use may be convenient for our everyday lives, it's not sustainable for our earth.  

Reduce, reuse, and always recycle

National Recycling Day, also known as America Recycles Day, is celebrated to promote continued education and advocacy about recycling, and consumer consumption habits. Celebrating National Recycling Day aligns with the sustainability pillar of Audia's values; where we strengthen our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and co-workers through sustainable initiatives. There's a difference between behavior and action. We're consciously changing our behavior for the better and taking action to change unsustainable habits, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

How we reduce waste

Coloring post-consumer recycled content is one of these actions. Post-consumer resin varies from lot to lot and frequently comes in a washed-out, cloudy base color. Uniform Color solutions can revive recycled resin by focusing on chromatic colors, or clarifying PCR resin. Additional solutions include supporting resin integrity, increasing the consistency of PCR resin, as well as introducing natural texture or additional effects in the finished look of the product.

We directly combat landfill avoidance by offering a sustainable solution with NIR (Near Infrared) Sortable Black technology, for single-use disposable containers: allowing products to be properly sorted and recycled.

In the packaging industry, black plastic is the standard among single-use disposable containers. Oftentimes, carbon black pigment is the traditional colorant choice for black plastic due to price and performance. However, carbon black interferes with a recycling center's sorting ability, sending large amounts of recyclable plastic to the landfill.

Our recycling impact

Recycling and reusing waste materials is also foundational in our manufacturing processes and part of our everyday lives. In 2022 our teams recycled more than 4 MM lbs of waste materials that were bound for landfills. Our own internal processes consumed more than 10X that amount in our manufacturing processes. These efforts go a long way to reduce the amount of waste sent to a landfill, and as a result, significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint of our business. Reduction of our carbon footprint is a key component of our decarbonization strategy.

Recycling and the future

It's our planet, and we’re responsible for preserving its resources. We passionately drive towards the Audia Mission of building a more sustainable future with our businesses, customers, employees, and communities. Through innovation, collaboration, and dedication we’re working together to implement sustainable initiatives and offer A Spectrum of Solutions™ for our future.